Welcome to ProChip

How it all got started

After retiring from a 28 year career of building and managing golf courses in the Myrtle Beach golf market, Capt. John McWhite turned his attention to the world of fishing. Based in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, there was plenty of water to fish!

John quickly noticed there were no decent fishing charts available, so he decided to utilize his years of map skills and take a shot at making his own fishing charts.

Anglers loved the charts, and requests started coming in for other areas. Jack Holmes (Director of the Southern Kingfish Association) took a look at the Profinder Charts, and asked if we could develop charts for all tournament sites fished by the SKA. We went to work and provided the charts for all SKA tournament sites.

As new technology evolved, I noticed the new generation GPS plotters came equipped with a slot for various memory cards. This addition was primarily for using the “Chart Mapping” cards that added enhanced features to the base maps contained in the unit. I wondered if this same slot could be used for transferring waypoint data. After a solid year of work – the Pro Chip was born. Now we could offer the angler the same accurate fishing spots on a chip for instant uploads. NO MORE PUNCHING NUMBERS!

The Pro Chip was born.

sdmemorycardAfter some 7 years of success with the saltwater Pro Chips, our attention turned to freshwater reservoirs. Back in 2010, we recruited the help of several BASS Elite Pros, and accomplished weekend tournament Pros, and tested the new Freshwater Pro Chips. The results were astounding as these guys started winning tournaments. We have several Pros who have joined our Pro Staff – including lady Pro Monica Altman (LBAA).

Like the saltwater version, the Freshwater Pro Chip contains waypoint data for submerged structure – which is not found on the various “Chart” cards. Included in the data are roadbeds, railroad beds, humps, drop-offs, ledges, dominant points, fish attractors, stump fields, laydowns, and more. The Freshwater Pro Chip enables the angler to eliminate burning fuel looking for structure. Once a pattern is established, more of the same is easily found in your waypoint list – again keeping you on fish, and off the throttle.

The ProFinder Pro Chip is totally unique, and the very first of its kind. We now have over 300 lakes throughout the southeast and further west. Anglers from other regions are calling in with requests for specific lakes. We have added Wisconsin, and Connecticut lakes to the list. Package prices are available at a huge discount!

To all of you, from all of us at Pro Chip USA  - Thank you and Happy Fishing!