Welcome to ProChip

Welcome to Pro Chip


Winter Special

$40 - Discount All Saltwater Chips
$30 - Discount on Single Freshwater Lake Chip
*Package Discounts are Offered (3 lake, 5 lake, and 8 or more)
Ends 2/15/18
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Check Out Our New Lakes!
We have just released Carter Lake in Georgia, and three lakes in Kentucky - Grayson, Yatesville, & Cave Run.
There will be more coming soon. If you have a favorite lake that we don't offer, give us a call at 910-512-6700.



The Pro Chip will provide hundreds of waypoints for all kinds of structure.



Yes - winter is here! That doesn't mean that fish quit biting. In fact, in many regions, bottom fish move in closer.to the beach - especially the big ones!

Bluefin Tuna will show up along the coast from Cape Cod on into the Carolinas. Further south, Sailfishing really heats up.

Our Pro Chip will provide the specific structure needed to target these fish.

Waypoint Data Screen Capture Sample

Screenshot : Wilmington North Carolina

Charleston South Carolina Saltwater Sample

Screenshot : Charleston South Carolina

Key West Florida Saltwater Sample

 Screenshot : Florida Keys Saltwater


All it takes is several cool Fall days for the bass to start moving. As winter takes over, Bass and Crappie will bunch up - tight to structure.

Your Pro Chip will provide the exact locations of key structure on hundreds of lakes.


We assign various icon symbols for the different types of structure.

This enables the angler to sort his waypoint list by "PROXIMITY" first, and on some units - "ICON" next. Think about it - I have now established a "pattern".

Lets say I've caught 2 fish on HUMPS. Now I can sort my list to show the next nearest HUMPS to my location! Talk about saving time and money! You aren't running all over the lake searching out more of the same

type structure.

Those anglers winning have figured this technique out!

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These great discounts won't last long - Christmas through the end of February.





We have the technology and expertise to manage waypoint data for our clients. We can capture data and convert it to any brand GPS on the market. Many times, anglers lose a lifetime collection of fishing spots - simply because they don't know how to back it up (retrieve). Our process is to organize the data, scan for duplicates and bogus transposed numbers, then make the conversion to the clients new GPS unit. We can easily combine Pro Chip data with the clients personal numbers, and assign unique icons to reflect the difference.

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Our clients dominate the leaderboard - both on the Southern Kingfish Tournament trail, and all levels of BASS tournaments. They call the Pro Chip a "Secret Weapon".

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PRO CHIP (from ProFinder Charts, LLC) - Totally Unique, and the First of its kind!

The Pro Chip is comprised of various structure - uploaded as waypoints - with various icons assigned. Our data will overlay on top of any "Map Card" you choose, thus giving you the best of both worlds.  Most "Map Cards" do a great job presenting contours, but do not show specific structure.  Once a pattern is established, the angler can sort his waypoint list by "proximity", then by "icon", thus showing more of the same structure nearby. This allows you to keep your line in the water, and your hand off the throttle. Time is money!